Rice/ Rice sandwich (onigirazu)/ Sushi

Popular trend in Japanese cook books – Rice Sandwiches

I have been seeing this everywhere in Japanese cook books lately – Rice Sandwiches!

Some people call them “onigirazu”, but I like to call them simply rice sandwiches 🙂

The best thing is that they are even easier to make than sushi nori rolls or “onigiri” rice balls. I think because I have grown up making sandwiches, it seems easier to imagine making a sandwich rather than squashing it into a ball!

Here is a super quick 1min video showing a rice sandwich that I made for my kids:

What you need:

  • Cutting board and sharp knife – I used my new Kyocera ceramic knife (I bought this online from the Japanese shop called “Kitchen World” on Rakuten Global Market. They ship internationally if you want one! Super popular in Japan)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Nori seaweed
  • Sushi Rice (rice mixed with the special rice vinegar for sushi)
  • Your favorite ingredients for inside your sandwich – hints: tuna/salmon, avocado, cucumber, red and yellow capsicum. In this video I made mine with marinated sesame sardines and avocado.

How to make:

  • Watch the video or look at the photos below!


IMG_0862 copy

Start building up your sandwich with each layer, just like a sandwich. The important step NOT to forget is to place the plastic wrap FIRST under the seaweed. If you try to do this afterwards, it will be very difficult to handle!

IMG_0863 copy

IMG_0866 copy

IMG_0869 copy

This rice sandwich was a bit huge, so I could just fit the corners of the nori seaweed over the top. If you make smaller parcels, you can wrap it like a present by folding the ends up.

IMG_0873 copy

IMG_0879 copy

Use a sharp clean knife to slice through the sandwich. I used my new Kyocera ceramic knife from Kitchen World (bought online from Rakuten Global Market) which was fantastic! This knife is perfect for cutting sushi and anything that involves sticky rice and seaweed. Not to mention the gorgeous hot pink handle that matches the cutting board 😉

IMG_0887 copy

We didn’t get far from home when the kids were ready to eat them already!

IMG_0892 copy

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