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How to choose a bento lunchbox that is perfect for you

I have been living in Japan for nearly 15 years but it took me a long time to understand how to choose a bento box!

There is such a HUGE range of styles in Japan, all made from different materials and varying in style, color, size, and design. It can be quite confusing!

After buying a few bento boxes I finally realized the differences between them in terms of practicality and function.

Do you want to buy a Japanese bento box, but wondering which type is best for you?

Here is a guide to help you to choose!

How to choose a bento lunchbox that is perfect for you:

  • Point 1. What is your lifestyle and behavior
  • Point 2. Type and characteristics of the bento
  • Point 3. The size and capacity that suits you

Check the fun diagram below to discover your perfect bento box:

How to choose bento box

Click on each link to see shops that sell each type!

Hope this guide helps you to choose a bento lunchbox that you will love!

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