About Dr. Kate Neath


My name is Kate and my goal is to help you enjoy cooking Japanese food for your family!

Maybe you want to cook Japanese food for your kids, but you don’t know which recipes to start with?

Japanese cooking can often seem difficult, but it is actually very easy, and it is also nutritious and healthy and helps you to plan your meals in advance. It has saved my life!

If you want to cook healthy Japanese dishes for your family, I hope my cooking shows will help you.

I have a PhD in Agricultural Science from a Japanese university, so my website has grown rapidly to include all my passions about food and agriculture, including farmer interviews and where you can buy the best high quality agricultural produce online from Japanese farmers and have them delivered to your door in Tokyo!

If you have any questions, please let me know!

x Kate

Want to know more about me?

  • Marketing manager at Japan’s No. 1 online shopping mall (2015-current)
  • PhD Agricultural Science from Tsukuba University in Japan
  • Co-founder of the Japan Intercollegiate Meat Judging Competition
  • Over 10 years marketing experience in Tokyo
  • TV reporter on Japan’s NHK world “Tokyo Eye”
  • Founder of Tokyo Urban Kitchen, Tokyo Urban Baby, & Tokyo Urban Beauty
  • Mother of 2 kids 🙂


Reporter for NHK World

Kate Neath, Reporter for NHK World, Japanese TV channel


Reporter for Japanese TV network, NHK World, Tokyo Eye

Reporter for Japanese TV network, NHK World program “Tokyo Eye”