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Top 10 Japanese food Instagrammers

Are you looking for inspiration from some of the most popular food bloggers in Japan?

Check these Top 10 Instagram accounts which I am following right now and are guaranteed to please!

  1. Kokoronotane
  • Yasuyo is a Natural Food Coordinator and her instagram became so popular that she published a book.

Instagram Kokoronotane from Japan


2. Ahiru Bento

  • She dreams of publishing her own bento cookbook. I am sure she will realize her dream soon as her instagram is beautiful and very popular!

Instagram Ahiru_bento from Japan

3. Maggydaisy

  • Beautiful homely photos with their cute corgy dog

Instagram from Japan Maggydaisy

4. Wappadegohann

  • This instagram is by couple Kouta and Ryo, who love bentos using Japanese wooden boxes called “Wappa”

Instagram from Japan Wappadegohan


5. Mittyan623

  • Mittyan is a mother of 5 children and 2 chiuawas, she loves Korean drama and cute bento lunch boxes

6. Yutorino_kukan

  • This is the official instagram of celebrity cook Harumi Kurihara

Instagram Kokoronotane from Japan Harumi Kirihara Yutorino_kukan


7. A.jinja

  • Ayu is a working mother with 2 children (4 year old son and 1 year old daughter) who makes amazing bento lunch boxes.

Instagram from Japan A.jinja


8. Mimisuite

  • Beautiful instagram by mysterious Mimi

Instagram from Japan Mimisuite


9. Asu-chin

  • Living in Tokyo with a toy poodle and likes sweet things. Beautiful photos.

Instagram from Japan Asu-chin


10. Kyoko_plus

  • Mother of 2 children aged 9 and 6 years old, 16 year old cat and living in a beautiful 80 year old Japanese house in Kagoshima.

Instagram from Japan Kyoko-plus

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